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Answers to the most FAQ’s regarding trade programs and platforms.

A. No, the Funds or Instrument are only used by the trader to draw a credit line and are left unencumbered.
A. The funds or Bank Instrument is blocked in favor of the trader. The trader uses the asset to draw a credit line from his bank to trigger the trade. At the end of the trade term the block is released unencumbered bank to the asset owner.
A. There is a set procedure to follow:

1. Submit a KYC (Know Your Client) package, complete with a color copy of your passport and either a Bank Statement, or a copy of the Bank Instrument.
2. The compliance department will complete due diligence on yourself and the funds or Bank Instrument which takes between 2-4 days depending on how busy they are.
3. If you pass compliance a contract will be issued.
4. If required there will be a phone call between yourself and the compliance department to answer any questions you may have.
5. You sign and return the contract.
6. You contact your bank to either issue the required swift or put the admin hold block in place. This can take between 2-5 days depending on the Bank.
7. Once the swift or block is in place the trade would start usually within 72 hours.
A. No, The contract is strictly confidential between the client and trade group and can only be issued after client has passed compliance.
A. Bank must be a minimum B+ rating in a rated Jurisdiction, with the ability to issue either a SWIFT MT760, MT799, MT542 or an admin hold or block.
A. Yes, but must be cash backed and from an A rated bank.
A. No, the funds must be free and unencumbered.
A. No. We have Monetizers for Bank Instruments either Leased or Purchased.
•The LTV depends on the rating of the issuing Bank
•35-50% for Leased Instruments
•Up to 80% for owned Instruments
A. There are occasional programs available for LTN’s, please contact us for availability.
•The bonds would need to be on Euroclear and the Client will pay the costs involved for bonds to be moved to a Custodian Trustee Bank.
•The most important thing is REALITY! NO ASSIGNEES, OR BENEFICIAL OWNERS, etc. FULL KYC, including tax receipts, and full set of bond documents are required.
•Note: We do not accept historical bonds.
A. No. The client is not under any obligation to accept the terms or the ROI’s that will be provided in the verbiage of the trade contract.
A. No. Only brokers and rep’s give that kind of information to the potential clients and they are often not realistic. It is against the law to quote actual returns from a trading platform or to provide written or verbal amounts outside of the actual contract.
A. No. You should move your account to an A Rated bank.
A. No. Due to the amount of inquiries we receive. The Bank Instrument must be issued from a A+ rated Bank in a rated Jurisdiction.
A. The Minimum is 2 Million USD/EURO for cash, and for Bank Instruments a face value of minimum 20 Million USD/EURO.
•This is subject to change at any time.
A. No, In most cases the trade group already has the projects in place.
•In a few cases there may be a JV agreement required between the client and the trade group for project funding.



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