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“A bucket of seeds is better than a bucket of flour”

Our Business Philosophy is centered on the concept of strong Client relations, developed through the direct personal involvement of Senior Management and Staff with our Clients. The understanding of our Clients, coupled with our unique and thorough Financial and Technical Knowledge of current business environments complemented by extensive worldwide business relationships, allow Trading Platform to tailor our services to meet the most special needs of our Clients, while operating discreetly and objectively to reach the best possible solutions for each Client.
Our vision is for Astra Investment to become a leader in the integration of private source financing and asset management for our clients with ecologically friendly development in energy, environmental, food, infrastructure and other humanitarian efforts on an international basis to produce sound investments in a socially responsible way. .


Simple and Powerful Solutions

STRATEGY-As Investor

Astra Investment selects and accepts nominations of Investment Proposals which are in accordance with our own Vision. After the completion of the required evaluation and due diligence, Senior Management decides the degree and type of participation in the Proposed Project Investment – as Joint Investor or Self-Owning Investor.

STRATEGY-As Coordinator

Astra Investment, as the Investor, positions itself as the PASSIVE Coordinator between the Operators of its Investment Projects and the Investment Project Manager. This Project Manager is appointed by the Investor to ensure an efficient implementation of the Approved and Accepted Project Proposal, from its launch to its on-going returns. All project management responsibilities are TOTALLY delegated to that Professional Project Manager – MONITORING and REPORTING to the INVESTOR: from the start of the projects, disbursement for the project works and efficiency of running/operation and revenue receipts of the finished projects. As the Investor, we avoid interference to the Project Manager in carrying out his routine duties. The objective of having an Independent Project Manager to supervise Project Development is to ensure that an unambiguous attitude from every participant involved can be achieved, and all relevant interests are protected.

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STRATEGY-As Organizer

Astra Investment, together with its Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries / Associates / Cooperation Alliance Partners (the Group) / Affiliates, plan and execute the use of their own respective Financial Assets / Holdings / Deposit Portfolios in pursuing an Investment Strategy designated to increase, and at the same time diversify, their Portfolio Value and Bases while preserving each other's own identity and integrity. It is through Astra Group Limited Platforms that the combined Financial Assets / Holdings / Deposit Portfolios of the Group are being structured, utilized and converted into the required liquidity for the creation of Investment funding. Through the return from these Investments, additional liquidity will be generated and allocated to the funding of designated, approved Humanitarian, Environmental and International Development Projects.



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